What kind of clothes should I wear for treatment?

What clothes should I wear SoftWave treatment requires contact with the skin in the affected area. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing that will enable the clinician to have convenient access to the area of treatment. For example, if you are going to have your knee treated, it is best if you wear shorts or… Continue reading What kind of clothes should I wear for treatment?

Can SoftWave be used for treating clients with a pacemaker for non-related pain pathologies?

Frequently Asked Questions – Non Medical Pain Management-2023 As a result of our experience, there are no contraindications to treating clients with a pacemaker. The only reported complications occurred during the technology’s infancy when treatments were performed in a water bath (lithotripsy). Nevertheless, we recommend avoiding focusing on the pacemaker.

Why Consider Getting SoftWave?

ESWT treatments are non-invasive and promote accelerated recovery. It is non-surgical, is performed in an office or clinic setting, does not require anesthesia, has no side effects, and is effective.

Can SoftWave Therapy be used in conjunction with other treatments?

SoftWave Therapy – Non Medical Pain Management Yes, it can, however it is up to the provider. We found SoftWave therapy to be effective on its own, but it has also been shown to be even more effective when combined with other forms of therapy, including physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, soft tissue mobilization, nutritional support,… Continue reading Can SoftWave Therapy be used in conjunction with other treatments?

Are there any side effects associated with SoftWave Therapy?

SoftWave therapy does not cause any bruising or swelling. For some, redness and soreness can occur, but usually subsides in a day or two- Frequently Asked Questions – Non Medical Pain Management

How long does SoftWave Therapy treatment take to show improvement?

SoftWave Therapy Treatment –Non Medical Pain Management Oftentimes immediately, yet the best outcomes occur roughly 12 weeks after the last treatment.

How many SoftWave Therapy treatments are recommended?

SoftWave Therapy treatments-Non Medical Pain Management 2023 A typical course of treatment is 8 to 12 treatments, following the introductory SoftWave Therapy treatment . Usually, two per week for the first two weeks, then once per week for four weeks.

How long is a SoftWave therapy treatment?

SoftWave therapy treatment– Non Medical Pain Management-2023 Each individual session of SoftWave therapy only takes 5-15 minutes and a typical course of treatment is eight treatments, following the introductory treatment. The most effective schedule is: two treatments per week for the first two weeks, then once per week for four weeks.

Who performs shockwave therapy with SoftWave TRT?

Performs  SoftWave therapy can be performed by anyone in a clinic that has been properly trained by SoftWave TRT.

What is SoftWave TRT’s intended use?

SoftWave TRT’s intended I Non Medical Pain Management-2023 SoftWave TRT’s intended is an alternative to surgery to treat musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions. Shockwave therapy is a method of pain relief, mobility rehabilitation, and recovery for the body, most often for acute injuries or chronic pain. Shockwave therapy is an increasingly popular and helpful option… Continue reading What is SoftWave TRT’s intended use?