We want you to be happy. The vast majority of Non Med Pain Management clients will experience relief within 10-30 minutes of receiving a SoftWave treatment. There is a small percentage of clients who will not notice any significant relief with the first treatment. If SoftWave doesn’t work for you after your first treatment, we will give you your money back. It is that simple. To help us keep things under control, there are a few rules.

You must request the refund at the time of your treatment. We ask that you wait in our office for several minutes after the treatment to give your body a chance to feel the effects of the treatment. Our money back guarantee applies to the first visit only. If you are not feeling better after your first visit, we will give you your money back upon request. The refund will be in the same form in which you paid for your visit. Some folks feel better anywhere from a couple of hours to a day after the first visit. If that is you, that is a win! If you received a refund and later decide to obtain additional treatments, the amount refunded will be added to your balance for any future visits. Also, please keep in mind that the effects of your first SoftWave treatment will diminish after a day or two. The effects will generally last longer with each subsequent visit. This is normal, and it is why most people will need a sequence of 8 to 12 visits over a six to eight week period of time. The stem cell and other regenerative activities will continue, in your body, for as much as 8 to 10 weeks thereafter.