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About Us – Non Medical Pain Management

From adversity comes opportunity. When a close family friend was paralyzed from the chest down in a gymnastics accident, our founder, Dave Goodman became aware of the cutting edge stem cell treatment his friend was receiving.One of the many benefits of this treatment, called SoftWave, is that it eliminates muscle skeletal pain. Dave had suffered many years with chronic back pain. Surgeries, epidural injections and years of Chiropractic care brought temporary relief at best, if at all, and Dave’s condition continued to decline.Dave’s first treatment, which took about ten minutes, brought immediate and complete relief. “After that treatment, the very first thing I did when I got into the car was call my good friend Dr. Glenn.” Glenn Lunceford, a renowned chiropractor, was intrigued. About us 40 years of taking care of other people had been taking a toll on Glenn, and he too suffered chronic back pain. After the immediate success of Glenn’s first treatment, Dr. Glenn ordered his Software. Shortly thereafter, Dave ordered his Software, and Non Med Pain Management Group was born.Dave’s clinic in Oxnard, CA and Glenn’s clinic in Pahrump, NV are open, and additional clinics are underway in Salt Lake City, Utah, Boise, Idaho. 2023 and 2024 will see an aggressive opening schedule with clinics opening in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.

Our goal is to make this low cost, highly effective pain relief treatment available to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. The technology that makes this treatment possible is here and now. We will strive to take this life changing treatment to the people who need it most.